Expert property Managers

Southern Sectional Title Management is an expert property management group. By combining superior skills and state-of-the-art technology with focused creativity, SSTM seeks to maximise the potential of your investment in property.

We are committed to bringing another dimension to property management, property investment, and related property services. Bringing an unsurpassed level of service that adds value, while responding proactively to shifting market conditions and the ever evolving needs of our clients.


Sectional title management requires an in-depth understanding of the property industry as well as the Sectional Titles Act. At Southern Sectional Title Management we work closely with the Board of Trustees to ensure that the short, medium, and long term management and planning of the scheme is implemented professionally and optimally.

Visitor parking bays in sectional title schemes

It’s no secret that parking creates many problems in sectional title schemes. This is especially the case in older schemes that were built in a time where not many people owned cars. Nowadays families have at least two cars. The limited availability of parking...
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Beat the interest rate blues

With the rand tanking and inflation rising as a result, most economists are agreed that the Reserve Bank will have to start raising rates sooner rather than later – and probably by more than would otherwise have been expected this...
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City of Cape Town to buy solar power from an Office park

The Black River Park, an office park in Cape Town with tenants including Sunglass Hut, Gijima and Brandhouse, has completed an expansion of its solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation facilities and will be selling its surplus power to the City...
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